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10 Tips To Pack Light & Still Take Everything Like A TRAVEL BLOGGER

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How to pack for a vacation like a PRO and the best travel tips & hacks to pack everything you need, and keeping it light + How to NOT overpack

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Amaya Sam says:

I personally love doing capsule wardrobes for some travels, especially for conferences and weekends. Another thing that I frequently do is only take cleansing or makeup remover wipes. They clean my face and leave it feeling refreshed and I don't have to carry around a lot of products.

Grey Dolan says:

Is there a tutorial on your makeup? Absolutely gorgeous.

Aditi Shrivastava says:

You are looking so so gorgeous (as always). 😍😍😍

Margaret Hoang says:

Great ideas! The shoe one is new to me…gotta try it. I use a packing cube for my makeup, but I love the idea of using it for clothes!

Jasmine Barton-Moore says:

Thanks for this video! I’m going on a trip back home and I always feel like I’m all over the place. Just ordered my storage bags❤️

snlejo says:

.love the background

lestrange says:

This must be for a checked bag. I never check bags anymore, to me 'packing light' means carry-on only.

Missreepee says:

Your hair is looking lovely. You're making me feel like cutting mine. I enjoyed this video. Here's one tip for packing shoes – you can use shower caps. I always collect hotel shower caps and use them for my shoes.

Tara Strickland says:

I always use large ziploc bags for most of my clothes so I can squeeze the air out and have more space!

drrs ak says:

Love love love this video.. Much wanted one.. And just a request.. Can you make a video on how to pose for photos? Coz you are great at it…

Aishwarya Nair says:

OMG the timing couldn't be any better. I m travelling next month and this video just saved my life ❤️❤️❤️ So useful jovi, thanks a lot 😍😍😍

vidhya.g reddy says:

Hi Jo. You are looking fabulous 😘

Amee Kapadia says:

In addition, if you have taken travel insurance for the trip, keep the paperwork in your carry-on baggage. That way if there are any delays or cancellations or if your check-in luggage goes missing you're covered.

Kongmany Thiphakhinkeo says:

Love your tips! Agreed with the shoe packing 100%! It is very disgusting to pack shoes without wrapping or bagging them separately! I think of filthy public bathrooms, and can't imagine bacteria infested shoes to come in to contact with my clean clothes or anything. BTW, I always pack facials towels in a zip log so I can use after a shower or after a face wash. 👍

K F says:

Hey it's really great loved the video, this lip colour looks fab on u, great tips, I am going to travel soon and I am an awful packer.
I wanted to say something that I always notice, the way u say hi and u introduce yourself for the first time viewer, it really speaks that u do care about others and want them to feel good while watching u. It's really beautiful. Xoxo

keerthana subramanian says:

Hey Jovita! You look gorgeous as always! Your lipstick shade is so cool ! What’s the shade and brand !?

Amanda H says:

These are great tips! I hate winter trips! How much sweaters do you pack? 5-6?

Sakeba Islam says:

omg…you are looking extra beautiful today 😍😍

apurva thakur says:

You are awesome.
And your hair color is brilliant.

sukanya reddy says:

Very useful video…thanks for sharing❤️❤️when you guys go to vacation who will take care of your cat?

Deni Joseph says:

hello from ur new subscriber

Ruchi jha says:

The moment video started and I saw your hair I paused to comment. Your hair is looking flawless <3

Sonia Biswas says:

Thanks for the tips Jo .. waiting for ur Turkey 🇹🇷 travel vlog .. lots of love 💕

Sameera Jahir says:

Love your make-up

gemmi42 says:

💚 These are so helpful! Especially the shoe packing idea. And packing cubes? That's just brilliant!! I've got 2 trips coming up soon and I can't wait to use your awesome tips! Thanks for sharing

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