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10 Reasons Why YOU SHOULD TRAVEL the World RIGHT NOW!

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Here’s 10 reasons why you should stop what you’re doing and travel the world right now! LIVE MORE! Let’s get this video 3K likes!!

In this brand new series, Alex and Marko the Vagabrothers share tips, trick and hacks from 5 years of travel to get you off your computer and out on the road!

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wendy mendoza says:


joel george says:

Does anybody know how to make some cash online…while travelling !? (A few websites would be great )
Thanks !

Claire Lapidez says:

funny and cute, haha thanks for this!

Kori Honeywell says:

I love them!

Kaitlin Marcelo says:

Hey guys! Check out my new YouTube video ft. The Chainsmokers (Illenium Remix) below! Also like, comment, and subscribe. More to come soon! 🙂


Nicole Booth says:

So lucky to have started traveling since I was a baby. You guys are so right! Excellent reasons! Would mean the world to me if you could check out my vlog and give me your thoughts!

황현호 says:

I can see my country Korea in that video. Korea is much nicer and safer than that you saw in news. So come one of the most wonderful countries, Korea

OneBirYek says:

Travel to Joshua Tree National park https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bOKAJgWeA-8&t=53s

Grace Maina says:

I love you guysss so muchh ♥️

Ilkay Erkılınçoğlu says:

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YoungLife Marmaris! says:

any small youtuber want to support each others channel? sub I'll sub bk comment when done!

Kellie Chasity says:

Thank you for sharing ✨✨

Chaos95 says:

I’m gonna travel the world for 1-2 years once I’m outa highschool then go to college

Английские зарисовки says:

Thank you guys, it was fun to watch. Welcome to our channel, a new video is ready Why should we travel 2017.

Woody Reece says:

This motivated me to make my own video ..thanks guys https://youtu.be/bBCvQbqkQUw

Clara Murray says:

I'm 50 and made some mistake in did go to college I work had kids got married all of those things but didn't have time to travel you guys keep focusing on young people I was going to watch all of your videos but you keep talk I g abt young people which is a bit prejudice

Arie Christine says:

I was just about to cancel my trip to Ireland and because of this I’m not. Thank you guys💛

Zico Fernandes says:

I start soon forward planning

Indigo Blue says:

so true guys, everyone can do it if they really want 🙂

Medicine Medicine says:

starts at 2:04. Thank me later

Mama Gypsy says:

what if travel is my biggest dream buat i have 2 litlle childs, do u have any suggest or idea to make it happen? n my husband is also a supervisor in his office so there is almost imposible for him to have a vacation day

Jhom One says:

I wanna travel right now but
1. My country passport can only access 47 countries without a Visa
2. I'm only 16 years old
3. I've got to study
4. my parents aren't rich, I mean we're considered poor and I don't have my own money
5. my English is not good

MD Shakib Uddin Bhuiyan says:

This video answered all my questions…I subscribed after this video😀😀…..you guys are awesome…👌👌👌👌👏👏👏👏

Vitor Ramirez says:

vídeos like make me remember why 🙏🤘😉

林志賢 says:

discover kinmen

Kevin Penrose says:

Love this 🙌🏻

Ximena Bautista says:

Hello guys! I'm Ximena and I have been watching your videos, they are great!
I just wanted to recommend you Oaxaca coast, it is beautiful!!

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