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10 Essential Travel Packing Tips & Hacks – Minimalist Traveling

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How to Pack Light & Smart – Essential Travel Packing Tips for Minimalist Traveling. Audible is offering our followers a free 30-day trial today. Sign up to check out their audio books using our special link: http://www.audible.com/exploringalternatives

After almost 5 years of travelling, we’ve come up with our 10 best travel packing tips to help you travel light, save money, and have an easy and comfortable trip.

1. Minimalist Travel Wardrobe

We choose clothes that are all in the same colour scheme and style so they can be layered to create different outfits for different situations and climates. In our experience, packing fewer clothes is always best and if you find that you’re missing something, like a warmer sweater, you can always pick it up along the way.

2. Water

After buying and throwing out countless plastic water bottles on our travels, we finally said enough is enough. It was a waste of money and plastic. So we decided to get a portable water purifier (SteriPEN sent us one) and now we bring our own stainless steel water bottles with us and we purify tap water wherever we are.

3. Books and Guides

Books and guides are easily the heaviest things we carry on trips. To downsize the weight in our backpack or suitcase, we try to bring smaller travel journals, we don’t bring guide books (we use our iPod and free maps from airports and train stations to get around), and we’re starting to try eBooks (free from the library) and audio books from Audible (our video sponsor!).

4. Staying Clean

When travelling, there are many times (for us at least) when we don’t shower as often as we’d like, maybe a long 48 hour travel leg, or a nasty hostel shower that we don’t want to use. To stay fresh between showers, we use dry shampoo (the one in the video is from One Love Organics) and wet wipes (paraben-free). We also always travel with Dr Bronners soap because we can use it for everything: showering, dishes, and laundry.

5. Souvenirs

We no longer buy souvenirs for our friends and family. Instead, we try to send postcards to show people we’re thinking of them. It’s cheaper, less wasteful, and we feel that it’s more meaningful overall.

6. Passports

We’ve had a passport stolen, and another damaged by water. We’re not messing around with our passports anymore so we carry them in ziplock bags, inside a hidden passport pouch.

7. Food and Snacks

Food and snacks at airports and in touristy areas is usually overpriced and not necessarily healthy. We try to pack our own food and snacks as much as possible (sandwiches, granola bars, hummus and crackers, oatmeal, roasted nuts, etc.) but it’s important to check the rules about what you can bring and where.

8. Electronics

When we’re not travelling for work, we try to bring just our iPod touch. We travelled for almost one full year with just the iPod & free wifi, and we did all of our hotel and flight bookings, and even a couple of visa applications on the tiny screen. It’s not perfect, but it saves us from lugging around a couple of laptops like we do now.

We also always travel with a flashlight. We have a Foxelli headlamp that is USB rechargeable and the battery lasts forever (they sent us the headlamp a couple of years ago and we love it).

9. Reusables

Travel has a pretty big environmental footprint and while we haven’t quite gotten to the point where we’re willing to stop just for environmental reasons, we do try to minimize flying and we travel with reusable containers to limit the amount of garbage waste we’re producing. We bring stainless steel food containers (by Onyx), water bottles, and coffee mugs, as well as cloth bags and cutlery.

10. Staying Healthy

We use natural remedies like oregano oil, garlic pills, activated charcoal, and essential oils to treat things like food poisoning, cold and flu, diarrhea, headaches, etc. We also bring strong anti-nausea pills because Danielle gets motion sick in cars, planes, buses β€” even a hammock once!

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Dena Deen says:

Amen to not being able to read and travel! I love my audible for that purpose and listening while doing yard work. Ebooks are the way to read and carry books period!

Jo Westwood-King says:

You obviously are plain and simple people – so earthy! Older than your years – suppositories? 🀣

Ahmed Ahmed says:

Could u please indicate how you planned the routes and cost of 5 yrs of travelling?

Jacob Preece says:

Is the guy from Germany?

B Garretson says:

i am a huge fan of your channel (Your channel is the first one I check for updated videos and watch the most),I haven't made that leap to the van life but the more videos I watch the more I am considering it, I am trying to go from asking how can I make more money to what i can do to live a happier life style anyway keep doing what your doing and I look forward to seeing more awesome videos

Jobelle Collie says:

my dream goal for a vacation with only ONE suitcase. i love fashion and my current wardrobe fills 7 walkin closets and 9 dressers! i travel only by car, cruise ship and train (amtrack) can you help? i get audio books free via library for the blind and handicap. the will mail them to a physical address, but i listen on my iphone.

anitabiba6 says:

this not minimalist…its just being cheap…-.-
I travel at least 6 months a year, I am a minimalist for over 2 years…and I dont carry so many things, and I dont need to improvise for "days in between showers" whats that suppose to mean? u just dont shower for a few days? u guys camp? like literally walking and sleeping on the streets around the globe? if yes…thats pretty cool and it will explain a lot.

Michelle Novalee says:

Psyllium husks for constipation. Works incredibly fast and all natural! Just carry some in a little jar with you and mix with water.

Lara says:

"There is wifi everywhere these days" – obviously you have not been to Germany yet πŸ˜„

sak sezo says:

My automotive automatically liked this video just once you said it was sponsored, i love honest people<3

Toby Hunt says:

Where can I get a metal food container like that one?

MagentaLooks says:

This video kicks ass! I'm excited to subscribe. πŸ™‚

Emilia Zanre Botti says:

I have been traveling for nine years and I'm twelve years old…

Illusive270 says:

missing a 20,000mah external battery bank.

TGF - The Guiding Factor says:

Nice and informative!!..

JBryant Concierge says:

Great tips.

MrCrawford says:

10 Essential Audible Tips

SJ B says:

a real good medicine for stomach problems is coca cola. i don't drink it normally, but as medicine its great.

glam75 says:

Oh liked the pencil case and ipod idea

Essjay Em says:

Wet wipes???!!! Not good for the environment!!!

PowerCoupleCritics says:

Thanks guys it was really helpful

Jessi Bertić says:

such a great video! Haha we do EXACTLY the same thing.. we have metal lunch boxes, water bottles, bring our own grocery bag…. the part I found to be most useful is the natural health remedies. I definitely am a natural health type person. I would love to see a video that goes just a little bit more in depth on staying healthy naturally while travelling!

kailli says:

I use my mobile phone as my camera + map + books + music + internet + torch light. By having less things on me, i have less things to take care off. Many hostels provide drinking water or a water boiler (common in Asia because is normal for families to boil water). I tend to buy local food and drinks although there is a risk of travellers diarrhoea, but tasting food around the world is one of the best parts of travelling for me! Get travel insurance in case you get hospitalised, get into an accident, your belongings and bag got stolen or your flight is delayed.

Phyllis Ann says:

Great video, very informative. You will love Audible, I do. I have hundreds of books and travel with them all.

Isabel S says:

Don't forget Melaleuca Tea tree oil for rashes, mosquito bites, scratches and cuts. Great tips.

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