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10 Cheapest Places to Travel to in 2017

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10 Cheapest Places to Travel to in 2017.
Most of us would be traveling for the rest of our lives, if only traveling was not so expensive. But there is no need for you to cut down on the number of holidays you’re having this year. What you need to do is find the best places for you to travel to on a budget. Below are some of the 10 cheapest places to travel to in 2017!
Sri Lanka.
The Gambia.

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Moncy Rocks says:

Gambia is too hot. Due to extreme hot weather it burns our skin.

Lynx Burberry says:

The voices sound like this beach on the GPS maps 😒

OnlineTarot Guru says:

The video above is among the fake videos, for promotion of Tourist, As i have the truth, Today a student was attacked on streets of Auckland beaten and wounded badly, no police turned up nor anybody heard to help, he is a student there, He was mugged lastweek at a gunpoint in the city of Auckland in january2018' only to be Beaten up badly(This happens Daily, Nobody comes to street after 6Pm) and when we called police they are not listening just diverting phones here and there, doing timepass– SO HOW TRUE IS THE VIDEO SHOWING COUNTRY 8TH SAFEST COUNTRY. These are all Fake news, Fact is just from an country, Like India, Tons of money goes to this country alone,making their economy booming on our shoulders and on tourists money by PROMOTING FAKE VIDEOS Like This. Beware

Febby says:

Again a misleading title.
Greece nor Hungary should be on the top 10 CHEAPEST list, there are far cheaper places to call but a few:
Pakistan (the North-Hunza valley-is beautiful)
And so on…..

Lots of African countries
And so on…..

ibrahim hassan says:

Somalia z the cheapest place

Electric Bubble says:

That was total madness, I loved every bit of that!

paula thiery says:

Where's Seoul??!!

Alan Louganis says:

Thailand, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Cambodia, Malaysia, India, Turkey, Iran, Argentina, & Morocco should be on this list. Greece, Hungary, & Cuba are expensive places for tourists. Honduras,, Bolivia, & Gambia are very dangerous and not safe!

english learning for everyone says:

I always wish to go beautiful country

TheSaneWarboy says:

The cheapest place to traveil to is Germany, but exclusivly for muslims.
All you need is to get there and you'll be taken care of like a fucking baby, and have license to rape

Jen's Vegas Reviews says:

I like travel and why not travel cheap! Cool video thanks for sharing!! 🙂

Resplendent Island - Sri Lanka says:


SVIDS4U says:

You channel is really cool! please sub back so i can continue to watch your videos, thank you

Juan Meregildo says:

very awesome video! 2017-2018!

Travel Away says:

Travel Nepal with budget of your will

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