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10 Biggest Secrets All-Inclusive Resorts Don’t Want You To Know

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Is there a bigger luxury than staying in an all inclusive hotel for a few nights? It’s great fun being able to eat whatever we want whenever we want it, and don’t even get us started on the free drinks. It’s a little bit of luxury we wish we could replicate in our everyday lives, but having it as a rare treat does make it that little bit more exciting. But while you’re out there wining and dining, there are a few behind the scenes secrets that the staff at the hotels will never let you into. But luckily, we’ve got the key to the doors of these secrets, and we’re going to tell you all about them. Today, we’re showing you 10 Biggest Secrets All-Inclusive Resorts Dont Want You To Know.

So, what secrets will you be learning about today? We’ll be telling you how you can get the cheapest price room just by booking at a different time of day, and how you can figure out if there’s actually a room available even if the staff members tell you there isn’t. You’ll be learning about the true cost of providing free bath supplies and what sorts of things you should keep an eye out for when you’re checking the cleanliness of your room. If that wasn’t enough, we’ll be letting you into a few extra secrets like how to avoid paying cancellation fees, who to avoid if you’re looking for authentic recommendations and what it really means if your room gets cancelled last minute.

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lazhaun moore says:

1. Bring LYSOL 2. Ask for another blanket when u check in,say it's a stain on it 3. U PAID for ALL INCLUSIVE…SO GET YA MONEYS WORTH!!!!!!!!!

keelo byte says:

"a few cans a day"
Im on holiday man, i'll be smashing cartons a day

Michael Mack says:

this video offers no insight and is a waste of time to watch,

oisin mcgovern says:

my parents were booked into a hotel in Australia but then the president of Australia showed up so they were sent to a shiver hotel

Rebeca Castro says:

I work as a reservation agent in a luxury hotel and I can assure you we ALWAYS purposefully overbook rooms with the expectancy that guests will cancel or no show…
If it just so happens that on a fully committed night you show up and the room category in which you’ve reserved IS fully booked for the day we comp upgrade you to a higher room category available atm.

Rates being cheaper at night is not true. In most cases we base our rates off BAR. This means this higher the occupancy throughout the night – the more we will charge for a room. Not the other way around. The lower the occupancy, the lower the rate. Buying in advance does hold some truth but I’d say you’re only getting your moneys worth if you buy approximately a year in advance as most hotels rates are not built that far out so when you are given an estimated rate for that time – they have to honour it. Added many hotels have an advance forecasting program which allows them to compare revenue from previous years and house availability and estimates what they should be charging for rooms compared to house availability and revenue for the same date last year. This is why when you’re watching for the Best Available Rate at a hotel and one day it is $100.00 but the next day it is $400.00. The rate will never be the same with BAR. The program is forecasting what we should be selling our rooms for based on revenue and availability.

Also, on the topic of saving money. Many people have the impression that when your book through third party suppliers such as Expedia, hotel beds, booking.com, trip advisor etc that your are getting the lowest possible rate. This is farthest from the truth. A hotel will NEVER give a third party wholesaler a lower rate for rooms then what they would provide for guests who book directly from them via their website or direct contact to the hotel. You’re always going to get a better rate if you book directly through the hotels channel.

SteamLocoScrapper says:

It's great to piss in sinks and showers of expensive hotels!

Sara g says:

4:13 – BOSNIA 🇧🇦

Lori Werle says:

Obama isn't impressive…

Caged says:

I hate the style of these videos…random clips inserted make it distracting.

Slade Mercer says:

This is so f stupid. Nothing that isnt known if you travel. They need to tell you how to get around these things. I mean come on clean comforters, secret.

Joe Stephens says:

All I got out of that video is almond joy is tropicalling

Leah Contreras says:

The sailor moon clip was the best part of this video 😍💖

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