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These are my TOP 10 AIRPORT TIPS that I always do when I’m not working as a Flight Attendant and just traveling for vacation or personal reasons. Working in aviation as cabin crew you learn so many travel hacks and airport tips!

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Fly With Stella says:

Follow my life as a Flight Attendant – https://www.instagram.com/flywithstella/

Serena Hutchieson says:

Hi I just want to know how much it is for the lounges?

Sophia Loftis says:

Is a duffle bag considered a carry on?

Kieran Tong says:

@Fly With Stella At 9:30 did you take the picture of the shower or did you get it online? It looks funny that the people on the runway can watch you taking a shower at that airport. haha. What airport is that?

Ellen Jones says:

Here are some general tips about flying:

Bring ear plugs. Great to block out noise in the airport and on the plane.
If you flight is cancelled, DO NOT go to the service center or the gate. Call the airline
on your cell phone. You will get fast service and be re-booked/refunded in a jiffy.
Never ever ever be rude to an airline employee. Their jobs are hard enough. Be nice
any you may even get a little something extra.
Always obey the crews commands. They are the law on a plane. To do otherwise is
a FAA violation subjecting you to arrest.
If you are flying in the summer, still bring a light jacket. Planes get cold up there and
airlines don't always supply blankets. Even if they do, you may not want to
use them.
Don't drink water on the plane unless it is bottled. Airplane water tanks are notorious
bacteria farms.
Bring sanitizing wipes. Wipe down your tray table and arm rests. They are not cleaned
between flights and are germ collectors
If you are connecting to another flight, pay a little extra and book a seat toward the
front of the plane by the door. It will save you valuable time deplaning, should your
inbound flight be late. Airlines generally do not hold for connecting passengers.
As a coach passenger, do not try to use the first class bathroom on the plane. You
did not pay to be in that cabin and to do so would cause a needless scene.
(this does not apply to airlines like Southwest)
If you've missed your flight on a non-refundable ticket, you may be able to apply
a portion or all of the remaining value of the unused ticket toward a new
non-refundable ticket. Most airlines will also asses a cancellation fee
(Southwest does not).
When traveling with children, take advantage of the pre-boarding call. All airlines
extend this service ensuring families board together and not jam up the aisles
during regular boarding.
Put a bright colored ribbon on the handle of luggage. This way you
can readily identify your checked bags when retrieving on the baggage
carousel or when opening the overhead compartment for carry on bags.
If your flight is cancelled or your misconnect due to weather (or any reason
outside of the airline's control) and you have to overnight, ask the customer
service representative for a discount hotel voucher. Airlines ARE NOT
responsible for said delays/cancellations and therefore do not offer free
hotels. BUT, they often have pre-negotiated reduced rate hotel rooms for
such situations.
These rooms are considerably less than the hotel's going rate and can save
you a ton. FYI, you are not entitled to meal vouchers or any
other form of compensation due to a these types of cancellations.
However, you are entitled to a refund to the original form of payment should
you choose.
Always download your airline's app. It will give you the latest status on your flight.
Always give the airline your email and/or phone. They will notify you electronically
should the status of your flight change.
Double check the time of departure. A.M. and P.M. are more frequently confused than
you think. Better to show up at 8 a.m. for an 8 p.m. flight than vice versa.
Also, flights that depart after 12:01 a.m. means after midnight, not noon.
Always make sure you are aware of when clocks are moved forward and backward for
Daylight Savings Time every year.
Try to fly in the morning or early afternoon. Flights statistically are more on time during
these hours. Also, if you misconnect while flying in the morning/early afternoon,
there is a significantly better chance another flight will be going your way
later in the day.
Know which airlines interline and which do not. Interline means the airline will put
you on another carrier should they have to. American, Delta, United all interline with
each other, their airline partners and most international major carriers.
Southwest, Allegiant, Spirit do not interline. Miss a connecting flight on Frontier
due to a mechanical delay, for example, and you have to wait for the next
Frontier flight. That could be days.
If your flight is overbooked and you have flexibility, take the compensation. It's usually
in the form of a travel voucher. Airlines will also throw in meal vouchers and
a guaranteed seat on the next available flight, sometimes even in first class.
If no one takes the compensation, airlines up the ante with more money. But
if you wait, you may lose out all together.
If you are involuntarily bumped (which is perfectly legal under the Contract of Carriage
which you agreed to when purchasing your ticket), hold out for compensation
You can often get a full refund, travel vouchers good for one year, airport
meal vouchers, hotel rooms if applicable and a guaranteed seat on the
next available flight (sometimes in first class). Major tip; the more polite you
are, the more you'll get.
If your checked bag did not arrive with you, fill out a form at Baggage Services.
Do not leave the airport without first filing a claim. Most of the time,
the bag was tagged correctly, but didn't make the flight for a multitude of reasons
(late arrival at airport, late arrival at gate, belt broke down, weight and
balance, etc.) If there is another flight arriving from your departure city the
same day, you can either;
Wait for the later flight to arrive at the airport and retrieve your bags
Or, the airline will send your bags to where you are staying via a baggage service
usually the next day. If you choose the latter, many airlines provide small amenity
kits to get you through the night.

Lots more tips from an airline pro, so if anyone has questions, just ask.

MrBannnnnny says:

Some TSA agents are awful people, just smile at them and donโ€™t let it get to you. They can make your day a whole lot harder if they wanted.

mackan2017 says:

One more good tip…..if you have a paper boarding card (instead of a digital one), always take a quick photo of it with your smartphone. This helps a few weeks after your flight when the airline has failed to credit your points to your account and they demand proof of your travel!!๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

dais kiruba says:

have a mild n small hand carry for essay to walk around specially when you go for transit

dais kiruba says:

Awesome ๐Ÿ‘

Michael Karnerfors says:

#2 Public transport…

Okay, I know that I live in an odd place where public transport is a thing (the Nordics)… and I am spoiled in that I can just get on the bus outside my door, switch to the train, and a short while later I get off the train, up the escalator and I am right in CPH, terminal 2… I know this is not common.

…but really, does not every airport have public transport?!

Robert Aviles says:

I recently got a medical implant that requires me to carry a magnet. Will this be an issue for me the next time I fly?

brit reid says:

Can I bring a body scale in my personal bag?

Kay Kay says:

How do you know where to go on your very first day?

autumn orepros says:

The airport i go to u dont have to pay to park

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