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10 Affordable Exotic Vacations You Need To Take

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Here is our list of 10 Affordable Exotic Vacations You Need To Take, going to a beautiful exotic place doesn’t have to cost a lot

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Charlie Daniels says:

Alaska isn't affordable

prodicus ceos says:

You could improve the very poor sound of the video…

Angelheart Lightning says:

yes but what you failed to mention? about the usa holidays….YOU NEED A VISA i never got my b2 visa and i spent a fortune traveling to london for it so? FUCK AMERICA,greedy country with bs money grabbing pathetic lying buisnessmen ruling your state lines.

Crevetta says:

The great wall of china is NOT visible from space it's a hoax

Steadroy Brookes says:

Funny how i'm looking for somewhere to go on vacation and my country (St Kitts) is number 1. Guess i'm staying home.

Chloe Henderson says:

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