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🌴 SEYCHELLES Cheap Holidays 2019: La Digue Island + Guide to Secret Beaches 4/4

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Seychelles is too Expensive..? NOT WITH US!! Learn how to get FREE entrance to SECRET WORLD TOP BEACHES! Get cooking aside TOP local chef Milton, enjoy a true local experience in the Seychelles on a BUDGET !

Follow our Seychelles vacation travel guide “🌴 SEYCHELLES Cheap Holidays 2019: La Digue Island + Guide to Secret Beaches 4/4” and have the best holiday in your life!

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►More information:

Before you reach the main gate to the park, you’ll find a helipad to your right!
Park your bike and go to the water, you’ll find a wall to your left. Walk along that wall till you reach the beach again! DONE! You just bypassed the entrance saving 15 euros!

We didn’t want to pay the park entrance since we’ve seen it already. We were only interested in the beach source d’argent.

It was 3 of us going there every day. 3 people for 3 days is 135 € we saved!

We returned home and had dinner with our Guest house hosts. We cooked side by side and learned Creole recipes, paying 25 Euros per person, for 4 courses and cocktails.

ON OUR SEVENTH DAY, we went for trekking in the seychelles at Pointe Anse Cocos (cocos beach). It was a really long ride. First by bike through a beautiful forest stopping for some fruit juice and ice cream. Then reaching Grand Anse, we parked the bike and trekked to petite Anse and Pointe Anse cocos. The trek was tough but very nice! The beaches were natural, untouched! But currents were dangerous so we just roamed around in shallow water.

Overall, this was an outstanding holiday packed with tons of fun and bargains. We did so much in such little time, and it was all affordable!
If you save money here and there, it’ll count when you sum it all up.

Why should you visit the Seychelles? Where is the Seychelles? And what is La Digue Island in the Seychelles?

Being it a super natural archipelago of around 115 islands, there are so many places to see! The amount of beaches is outstanding, leaving you enough choice to have your own personalized spot!

Luckily for us, the Seychelles isn’t a target for mainstream tourists. They don’t know how cheap and beautiful it can be. And the ones that come, stay on the main island and go to the most commercial places. Leaving the best to you!

Next time you’re planning a paradise holiday 2019, visit La Digue in the Seychelles!
Our video covers the top beach 2019 and best beaches in the Seychelles! Not only source d’argent beach and cocos beach are secret beaches 2019 but also honey moon beaches 2019! it’s a Secret Beach in the Seychelles. Follow our travel tips for the Seychelles! If you’re a budget traveller and want to enjoy Seychelles Islands in a cheap fashion, then plan your Seychelles budget according to our Seychelles vacation travel guide! Spend less, do more!


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amazing video! useful tips gonna use them in few days!!!

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Such detailed, informative content.. thanks a bunch for this series of 4 videos.. heading to Seychelles for honeymoon 🥰💖

Johan Nilsson says:

great tips..thinkin of going 1,5w Mauritius 1,5w Seychelles in january.. is 1,5w enough time? also what are the standard prices for food etc in restaurants?


Amazing! 😀 Thanks for all the tips!

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I mean Q&A Video ?

Abdalla Elkheity says:

Waiting for new video 🤔

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Very nice video! I have question about bicycle – can I left bike anywhere and I will find it later?

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