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🌴 SEYCHELLES Cheap Holidays 2019: BUDGET TRAVELLER Guide to Secret Beaches Ep01

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I can’t… Seychelles is too Expensive.. NOT WITH US!! Find how to: spend less, do more and visit all the islands on a low budget!

On this episode “SEYCHELLES Cheap Holidays 2019: BUDGET TRAVELLER Guide to Secret Beaches Ep01” we’ll be going through rough jungle, swimming to small secret beaches and spending time with locals creating our own private Seychelles experience! Find out how to find cheap accommodation in Seychelles and get to know the real Seychelles local life!

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You’ll discover:

-How to get free entrance to Seychelles world’s top secret beaches
-How to save on transport around the island
-How to save on cheap accommodation in Seychelles through guest houses
-How to dine till you explode with little money
-All the recommended top locations by locals to avoid tourists!

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-Travel package to La Digue with http://www.creoletravelservices.com/
-Accomodation with www.booking.com
-Car rental with www.economycarrentals.com


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►More information:

On our first day, we landed and rented a car in Seychelles. We rented the car ahead of time to get a good deal. We booked it from economycarrentals.com

Drove to our wonderful stay in Chez Lorna Guest House:

1)Anse Major:

First visit, the beautiful beach of Anse Major. We went by car to La Scala restaurant and parked. We walked through the jungle on a wonderful trekking path! We loved it cause it crossed jungle, seaside, rocky hills and caves!
Once you reach Anse Major you’ll be stunned by how beautiful it is!
Reaching this place isn’t easy. You either walk for 45 minutes through rough jungle and spiders or you rent a boat which is expensive!
You won’t find mainstream tourists here. Later, we swam for 35 minutes to a small beach following along the coastline.

2) Next day we went to a secret beach with a small intriguing island called Anse l’Islette.

3)Later in the afternoon we went to Beau Valon for a swim, some food and to dance at the rhythm of local music.

If you’re a budget traveller and want to enjoy Seychelles Islands in a cheap fashion, then plan your Seychelles budget according to our Seychelles vacation travel guide! Spend less, do more!


Sam Wayne Mathieu says:

Dude! Amazing, when you reach 1 M subs let me know.


Amazing video!!. Good tips. I am from US planning to visit Seychelles. Can you give me some idea about driving rules in Seychelles… left side or right side drive, traffic and any other rules.

Butterfly Pea says:

Nice but you sound like a sales man from 80s tv 😂

Alawy AlNadhir says:

Every moment you mention UAE or Dubai, I love it. Because I'm from UAE and Im thinking for a honeymoon in seychelles. Thanks for this well organized with useful information video. God Bless!

Silvija Tutinaitė says:

where else it is save to exchange currency in Mahe? I wonder if we should have the most of our cash in Seychelles Ruppee? I heard that they accept euro, but it's more expensive to buy this way

Rue Pf says:


Sandra K says:

Thanks for this video. I'm going to visiti the seychelles in may für two weeks. ATM I'm not sure about the time in mahe – renting a car is not that cheap for 1 person, but I'll be there 5 Days and I'd like to see all of the island…

Julia Smith says:

Thanks heaps for the video. <3

Natasa Turuntas says:

Great way to show hidden beaches and places! Perfect!
Can not wait to see next episode!

Stefan Bendik says:

Thanks for the tips. In the process of deciding where to go for my next trip (4 days), this seems like a viable option.

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