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✈ 5 Trips From The UK For Under £250!! ✈

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Here are five trips you can take from the UK for less than £250! This includes return flights which I found through using SkyScanner’s everywhere function. 4 nights Airbnb accommodation (Get $30 off your first stay on Airbnb: https://www.airbnb.com.au/c/aford34?s=8)

Also includes a budget of £30 per day at the top tier and £20 per day on the lower more hardcore budget tier!

Travelling around Europe has never been so easy!

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Judith MacGlashan says:

5 flights from Edinburgh to the USA for under £600 please?

R MCK says:

Great, I am thinking of doing cheap getaway holidays next year from Scotland.

iuliana buzilo says:


Liv ToWander says:

5 places from Germany for under €300,00 please

Liv ToWander says:

can you do some for major European cities. e.g. cheapest countries to visit near germany if you are going to germany

fox_in _xxs_clothes says:

Exactly what i need for juli!

BackpackingJosh says:

Awesome video from a fellow Brummie 🙂

Ian R Close says:

I spent a night in Cologne and the hostel was £10 and one of the best I've ever stayed in

AJ Banks says:

Birmingham to Europe somewhere by the sea

CNVideos says:

We had a fantastic 5-day vacation in Ireland last year, flying in from London (Yes, it was RyanAir).

A2Y Travellers says:

This will come in handy thanks 🙂

Angelica Pickles says:

When I hear about Europeans not ever being to another European country, I'm always like 'wwwwhhhyyy??!?' Hubby and I went to Europe for 3 weeks last spring. We flew from LAX to Oslo for under $400 round-trip. We also flew to Rome, Paris, Dublin, London, Amsterdam, and back to Oslo for our return flight. The total for every single flight, including baggage fees and taxes, came to less than $800 per person. We stayed in AirBnb's everywhere we went. All were full size apartments except for London and Dublin where we just got a private room. Total for accommodations was less than $1000. That's for 3 entire weeks. My flight from California to Norway was less than a flight from California to New York. To fly from San Diego to Los Angeles which is only 2 hours away by car cost around $200. But flights between European cities can be had for as little as $5. I know this because I nearly booked a flight from Oslo to Kraków that was less than $5. I really wish I was born in London.

2 Geeks and a Backpack says:

I have one for you! 5 trips from Canada for under $700. You could even do a couple within Canada, as this is an INSANELY huge country with so many beautiful cities!!

Esra Alhamal says:

You can add Romania from London to that list. The RyanAir ticket was 12GBP!! We did it for 300 (including everything!) for five days staying in the nicest places + food in really fancy spots. That could go way lower if you are on a budget and could spend less than 200!

TullyNipp says:

The only problem with the Glasgow to Brussels trip is that you'd be in Brussels…

Ronnie says:

USA to Anywhere transatlantic/Transpacific for under $500 USD!

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