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The loophole letting passengers fly on the cheap

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Richard Quest explores the tricky world of airline ticketing and the shortcuts available for cheaper fares.


Patte Laury says:

I wouldn't try this on a round trip. A lot of times if you don't show up for a leg of your flight, the airlines will cancel your entire itinerary.

Ramprasad Jadhav says:

Which is hidden city while traveling from Moscow,Russia to Delhi India

Carl Kane says:

Lol most flight staff have raspier voices because of damage to their vocal cords from over exposure of ionizing radiation during flights. Radiation exposure can reach 33 mRem for each hour above 10,000 feet from cosmic exposure. Fumes from jet fuel are also factored in too.

2tone crenshaw says:

fuck those greedy airline bastards!!

Renie Jake says:

I always try to check myself in a suitcase and travel in the baggage compartment ! Or better still stow away in the Aeroplane Undercarriage with a parachute and wit for the landing to be deployed before I deploy like James Bond 007 into the far wayward paradise that I would like to visit!

AB xx says:

Airlines do the same to customers but when they get backfired from customers suddenly they shout hey what are ur doing?

MAN_LYKE_LEO ? says:

But if u check in the bag it will turn in your last location so ur pissed

Brian Barcus says:

Great info to save money on flights. Awesome app too!

P from db Ok says:

Is this the free money guy

Josefina Hilomen says:

I dont go to lax i fly from san diego san diego isnt hidden 18 million people flew from san diego in 2016

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