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Man Quits Investment Banking to Travel the World in His Van

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Jeff Duke was studying to be an investment banker, caught up in only desiring to make money, after coming to a realization that he wasn’t living the life he wanted he decided to sell everything and travel.
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Source Footage: Jeff Duke

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Dylan Magaster says:

What stood out to you most?

Matthew Kraig says:

I love the guys' slight Aussie accent added with his Canadian accent 🙂

Cara Blue says:

"I like to think that if I die tomorrow, I'd be happy with how I lived my life today." Words I live by.

Rafael Espíndola says:

maybe the best one so far! really inspiring

Gloria Macias says:

So doooooooope !

rene29200 says:


Billy C says:

Very inspiring , would love to live free like that once the kid is off to college . Great video.

Deborah Proffitt says:

Love the van set up, very simple and efficient.  I have a teardrop trailer I had my husband make the screen on the dowel ,back in 2013, so I could hear, see and smell the outdoors . and had already planned on doing it again for the back of the van.  great minds….

Kim n rob says:

Great lay out . Simply and works. And glad your able to live ya life and enjoy it.

Anthony Sims says:

That screen on the back is brilliant!

Marilyn Wisbey says:

Your " biceps" stood out! 🤣😘

RV NUT says:

Awesome set up.

Stanislas ANDRE says:

Clickbait title. Shouldn't the title be "Student Quits Studying to Travel the World in His Van"?

No Man No City says:

Love the name
Lifestyle over luxury 👍

Dr Dwg says:

Looks miserable. Ive watched alot of these, but this set up is TOO compact

FUNeFISHIN.99 says:

These should be featured on TV! Better than a nat geo doc!! Well done dylan!

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