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How To Get The Cheapest Flights Every Time

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This video describes a process for getting the cheapest airfare every time you book. The links mentioned in this video included: http://www.hipmunk.com, http://www.kayak.com and http://www.farecompare.com.

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Mohamed Ashraf says:

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Adventure Film Production says:

I look for a flight from LAX to Göteborg, the first option was 1,200$ then i look around and found one for 844$

Inell.R Mercedes says:

Nice video!

Hot Bread says:

United = Star Alliance

Dennis Tedder says:

You know what, you wasted a few minutes of my fucking life by starting out, don't fly. Fuck you. You say cheapest flights then you start by don't fly and craigslist. Fuck you.

Lucas Germain says:

haha kansas

Charlee Dale says:

FYI that painting "American Gothic" you showed after slamming Kansas was painted at a house in Iowa of a farmer and his wife lol. I took my dads save the date photos in front of that house.

Personal Travel Agent says:

How about just calling the travel experts and asking them to find you the best deal
someone like me who will do all that great stuff Danny is talking about and make sure you dont get lost online and your credit card stolen by someone in India. my number 6094290844

Mr Pie says:

I live in Kansas

Juan Mendez says:

Whenever you don't have money simply don't expose yourself to be stranded, and end up hungry. I see this when I go to hostels and meet needy people. Best is to travel near your place and get home soon. Seriously.

james 2015 says:

It's cheaper to go to a travel agent like an Asian one

Terry Landis says:

I use google flight search….lets you pick the day to find the best price…

gaby2me says:

great video ty!

Chehoo1 says:

Thanks just the info I was looking for, cheers for the great vid

Madtroid says:

Let me ask, this Batch flight theory – Lets say the you have a layover in Iceland as you stated and you miss the flight to the UK
Would they refund you the UK part of the flight and you can just stay in Iceland?

That sounds like a crazy good loop hole because you could almost get flights half off doing that…I was just looking at flights from the US to China and with the Batch flight idea..

You said you have done this two times, let me know if they refund you any..love this idea

Emil Dadashov says:

helpful… thanks!

Saricka Campbell says:

thanks dude

Kiyi Moii says:

I have a crush on you cos your awkward side comments. Makes sense.

downnice says:

great video besides United. Always have a bad time with them

thanks for the tips =)

paradicefinder says:

this is how I found cheP FLIGHTS

Jake Beresford says:

haha i live in new zealand so u HAVE to fly EVERYWHERE!! so thanks for the advice

Michele Theberge says:

Wow! Super helpful. For domestic flights I'm in the habit of using travelocity but for my first search to go to Madrid this summer the flights were starting at $1500. Went on hipmunk and there was an even better itinerary for $808. Thanks for saving  us a bunch of money. : )

Angie Wagenfuehr says:

If you do not take a flight in your itinerary, you are considered a 'no show'.  The remainder of your flights will automatically be cancelled and you will have to buy a new ticket at the current fare.  Skipping a flight is bad advice.

TheAusrali says:

skyscanner is the best

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