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How I got a International flight from USA to South America for less than Seven Dollars Through Travel Hacking with Credit Cards. Cheap Travel tips!

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Nerd Wallet

Credit Card subreddit

Credit Karma

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Zero to Travel

Extra Pack of Peanuts

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Katie Barnes says:

Kansas City, MISSOURI lol that's my city! <3

Serge Fx says:

Overall I only use credit cards for everyday purchases and everything else. You get a ton of cash back and points. Especially if you have rent that ur able to use a card with.

Serge Fx says:

Signing up for cards lowers your credit score because of a hard/soft inquiry. And if you get denied once or twice, you'll get denied for everything. Your credit score has to be much above average to get accepted.

Kala Love says:

I want to travel to Tanzania from south carolina or go to washington dc and travel from dc to tanzania with 4 adults. What are some cheap flights?

Tomáš Hofírek says:

Guys I swear I just got free.$2200.paypal.money from this amazing website: (just type in g00gle)=> freepplcash xyz

Crys Curry says:

are there cards that work better or has more advantages for students? should you normally cancel the cards even if it has a cancel fee?

interesting progress says:

from holland to us, washington bfi

TheTravelingIntrovert says:

Thanks! I need to do my research now, but this helped a lot

Toxic Dragon says:

i only spend will i be eligible £200

asa felix says:

bra . i cant find cheap tickets from china to SA . do you know how i can do it ?

Pookie Bltch says:

"a cheap plane tickets"

Thomas White says:

Been doing this for years now, due to living and working in Asia/flying long haul a lot. This video made me laugh as it really spells it out. ANYONE could watch this and come away with an understanding of what to do, so nice job!

Muzik Queen says:

this guy is super goodlooking .

Diamonster says:

Wish this existed in my country though ?

Levy Nogueira says:

That way to travel, works on Brasil?

Colin Kaepernick says:

Most of the credit cards you see on nerd wallet are American. I live in Australia. Can I still apply and use these credit cards?

Lizzy Chava says:

I got an emergency NY uncle had a stroke twice this week how can I get a cheap flight from Miami to Canada Montreal?

Sexy inallsize says:

Am looking for a flight to Cameroon but cant find anything cheap enough. i would like to travel in December.

Michelle Mellard says:

Thank you SO MUCH Dylan! I am just now finding the YouTube subculture of sorts dedicated to educating people about smart financial hacks to earn cheap travel. This topic definitely has the potential to be super damn confusing (especially to me), but you laid things out very clearly and thoroughly and I appreciate that immensely. Simple and easy to understand, well explained and organized, but not 'dumbed down' by any means. Great video, you haz a new subscriber! Even though I'm only seventeen. Gotta read up on this stuff early, travel ASAP. :)

Amber Eff says:

Thanks to NerdWallet, I was able to get the best credit card to help my credit score. I love this website and I'm so happy you shared this website, thank you man!

kittyleigh007 says:

Can you combine accumulated mileage from different cards on one trip?

tongankiddd says:

Thanks for postiNg. great content man.

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