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My link for Click&Go: http://tidd.ly/77c56b78 (Affiliate link)
Any city break, €20 off with code LVIEWS20
Any sun holiday, €50 off with code LVIEWS50

My codes are valid up to 30th April, for use on any trip until 31st December. (Secret tip: there are some extra great deals on trips in May :P)
Terms & Conditions regarding €1 Deposit: https://www.clickandgo.com/1-euro-deposit-holidays

Many thanks to ClickAndGo.com for taking me on as an affiliate!

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Disclaimer: Occasionally I am very fortunate and companies send me their products to try out and possibly review. This absolutely does NOT influence my reviews of the products in question. I would not jeopardise my integrity for a free lipstick. No way. You can rest assured that all opinions are my own and 100% honest.


Maddy Mason says:

currently trying to persuade my mum to book a holiday for the family, this is going to help thank you x

Jenny Olatunji says:

you should do a video on your college experience 🙂

Rhaldryn says:

Do you have an asmr channel?

Jules Marie says:

Hi Laura, I came across this video via your "eyebrow tattoo" video (just had it done and your video was really helpful!) I appreciate the info here especially about Click and Go. I am in Australia but will be in Dublin over Xmas and planning a short trip to Rome. I cannot open your affiliate link so I am guessing it can only be used from Ireland- do you know if that's correct? Thanks.

Aoife Angland says:

great video. could you do a makeup tutorial on this makeup it's gorg! x

Stephanie G says:

What type of work do you do that allows you so much time off for so many trips? I enjoy the research part of trip planning. It's definitely part of the fun. I have several pets (3 dogs, 2 cats) so arranging care for them makes traveling quite a bit more expensive. I've noticed that you don't seem to have any pets. Thanks for sharing!

Laura White says:

🍹 Amazing video <3
I think you get used to trip advisor reviews, I work in reception in a hotel and from reading the comments about our hotel you can tell the genuine comments apart from the people who are petty and pissed off that you didnt give them a free upgrade when there was none available.
Supervalu and lidl breaks are great if your holidaying in ireland 🙂

Toria says:

🍹🍹🍹 Also, your make up is beautiful. ❤️

Emma King says:


Brid McDevitt says:


Siobhan Wilcock says:


Fiona McCann says:

Loveee this. Swear your my mums double when it comes to hols. 😂 she gets them for nothing. Definitely all about shopping around. Perfect time of year for this video. Just starting to plan another wee trip excited to get stuck innnn

Chasing Ruby Chat says:

I've actually never heard of click and go before and I'm currently planning/researching a trip to america next year so great timing with this video Laura haha! How long will your discount code run for or is it an ongoing discount code? X

i am a googler says:


Jolene D says:


Amy kennelly says:

Oh you just saved my ass €20 😂 Thinking of going to paris as a birthday present to myself in sept, but a quick question on the discount code does it have an experation date never actually used codes before..delighted you got this affiliate 😍 Xx

Emma Chatterbox says:

So glad you got these affiliate links Laura, its so on brand for your channel, and you've done it so well and honestly that it definitely doesn't comprise your credibility/integrity! Other bloggers need to take note! Also just a really good informative video!

DramaticMac says:

Heya Laura I was wondering do you book through trip advisor? Iv never done that before I usually use Expedia it was so affordable back in the day but its getting so expensive lately. Great video by the way xxx


thanks for sharing! I need a vacation 🙂

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