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How I Book Very Inexpensive Vacations!

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✈️ How I book cheap ass trips/vacations/bae-cations!

1. Clear your browser history.

2. Pay attention to flash sales!

3. Deals Ray! https://goo.gl/UJjX4a

4. Justfly.com

5. Flexibility (flying in/out two different airports and two different airlines)

6. Fly in/out on “off” days (fly out tues/wed, fly in thurs/sat)

7. Avoid traveling on “travel” days (mon/sun)

8. Flights are cheapest 54 days before departure!

9. Check and compare prices with all airports you live by!

10. Hotel deal sites: Priceline, Expedia, Kayak, Hotwire, etc.

11. Become a valued customer! Sign up for hotel/airline memberships!

12. Tuesdays are the best days to find flights/hotel deals! It’s the day prices refresh!

13. GROUPON BIIIITCH! https://goo.gl/fAsW65

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Kimberlee' Nicole says:

Gurl, you have NO idea how you just helped me! I immediately created an account w/Southwest & checked boxes for savings. I will definitely share w/my friend this weekend. May 2018, our plans are to go to SouthBeach in Miami. Then, September 2018, our plans are too go to Aruba in which the packages are still too high right now.

Naturally Teish says:

Alot of makeup products can't be taken as carry on tho 😩

Ok Grey says:

for incognito mode, press ctrl shift n

Dominique H. says:

Thanks for the tips girlie !

Mihng Dynasty says:

👀 you know how to find cheap living in LA too?

LADY jai says:

Airbnb is also dope when looking for places to stay

bewareitscoco says:

i love your vids girl! these are some good tips. maybe you could do a money saving series. if you do, please do one about how to build up your savings. i have trouble keeping money in my savings and you seem like you got your shit together lol

Fariha Faruk says:

You and Jackie aina are currently my favorite YouTubers honestly this was just what I needed. I am watching all of my senior friends on their kick ass summer vacations and I want to do something similar!! So this has gotten bookmarked and I stay sharing your YouTube with everyone I know that's into makeup like you're real as fuck keep doing you girl. Btw I sit thru each and every ad no skips hopin you get that money alright Ima take my ass into another video

Wear She Went says:


Michellendmakeup says:

I am so late seeing this video 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

Britney c says:

That one dislike tho?! Who doesn't like saving money?

Tiana Lace says:

idk if you said it but travel pirates is BOMB also!

Angie's Visuals says:

Yasss girl! I remember when you were giving us the scoop through Twitter 🙂 I just need to find good sites for those of us who live in Canada cus dealray doesn't work for me 🙁

11:11 says:

My Daughter and I are going to Seattle at the end of August to visit my Son that is in the Army. Thank you for this vid! Come thru!!!

beauty by mo says:

I didn't even watch the whole video yet and off bucks I gave it a like 😭😩❤️

Kristy Gomez says:

Even the haters couldn't dislike this video girl!

Alicia xoxo says:

Yes been waiting for this video for a while now 🙏🏻

Jackie Servin says:

Eyebrows ♥️👌🏽.

Kenesha Smith says:

Love you 💜😜

Mel Logan says:

Now u know u the shit for this video right here! My homie came thruuuuu!!!! Tks Fam!

Diamond Stewart says:

you feel me!

Diamond Stewart says:

i knew you was from the bay. heeeey girl

Majesty Victoria says:

You're real af for this video 😩🙌🏾 I'm so frugal when it comes to flights 😩😂

Tobon Martinez says:

Bitchhhh you came through for my broke ass👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Jamiya Shine says:

clears browser history

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