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This is how I find cheap airfares, plane tickets and plane flights! I have no idea if this is the best way, this is just what I do!





Let me know if you found “How to find cheap airline tickets, flights, plane tickets” useful 🙂


Jorden Tually says:

I think this is pretty common knowledge but people were asking and I actually listened!! (I never listen) so you better give it a LIKE and SUB because I obeyed your commands! ahahahaha don't take me seriously

Turki Hamad says:

You should use Wego for cheap flights just to say.

Just Living For Jesus says:

I didn't know about Skyscanner definitely using it next time I travel!! Thanks for the tip!

chris chung says:

How old r u?

Levi Halperin says:

oh my god skyskanner is the best!! thank you so much. just found out I can fly to cyprus or greece for 20-50 pounds! legendary!

Levi Halperin says:

great advice

Mary Magner says:

Which camera did you use to take this video? & what do you use to log when you're travelling? (if different from the first answer)

Liezelus says:

Very helpful! Saw this after I bought my ticket lol

Desert Eagle says:

thanks for the site tho, its pretty helpful, actually helps with planning a time rather then having to check each date seperately

Desert Eagle says:

uhh obviously its going to be cheaper from chicago to fancisco… toronto is in another country bud…

CeeJay AK says:

I seriously need to stop living with Patrick … Had no idea about those sites. Thanks 😁 (Definitely subscribing)

Sara Bernasconi says:

nice video! as you said, it takes time to find the perfect cheap flight! I'm surprised tho you didn't mention to ALWAYS look for flights (also hotels) in incognito mode ! I usually spend a week checking the flight I would ideally want everyday and if they can track your history or your searches and save the website cookies, the cheap prices will be hidden and it'll show a higher one every time you look for it!

張育豪 says:

thank you !!!! it's useful!!!

Sophia Cable says:

have ya ice skated before? If not you should try it out, its a blast! don't fall on your butt

Dean Chamley says:

Make a video on budgeting / saving money over seas. Regarding food, travel and even finances what you do to prepare cash (E.g get a travel card or withdraw the cashies prior) 😉 keep up the great work!

Tzarine Nurriya says:

Can you make a video on how to plan for a holiday in a tropical country. because theres so much to visit plus the accommodation? you recommend booking for all the hotels before going to that particular country? or rather book only one hotel then travel the country and book on the way?! thank you. you can refer to your trip to Philippines! cheers buddy! thank you!

seraphiccandy21 says:

momondo is a great site, dont click awaaaaaaay!! 😛

H Willis says:

thank you. ive only flown once but planning on going to mexico this summer. this has been helpful

Kailim Ririe says:

thanks so much for this video! Really really really helpful and great website to use! really really appreciate it. Please try and make a video on general travel. like cheap accommodation goods markets trips and what not. Thanks thanks man

Sarah Cooper says:

This is awesome. was wanting to plan a very Flexible trip with no idea where to start. Thanks Jordan 🙂

Yoitsquinnb says:

Thank you soo much man, i cant wait to get out now for cheap! Cant wait for more episodes, your the best 🙂

Nate Bolka says:

hey dude, think about doing one for cheap ways to sleep while travelling too. this was super helpful though man. I've only ever used kayak. miss you in Hawaii my man!

Daphne Wollinga says:

Thank you so much Jorden!!!!

Alex Was Here says:

U r awesome!!! ✌️

Alex Budka says:

Yay we get episodes

Ryan Nichols says:

I was using Kayak only, didn't know about the other ones.. Cheers so much for the info mate with flights and buses, will make my travels a whole lot cheaper for sure! What do you do for accom? Same deal for hotels or slay it in hostels?

Mhedtell A. says:

jordzzzzzz… :*
Thnk you so much for the infooooooo…..

Corinne Roytel says:

You da best!!!!

niyas kn says:

Really appreciate it…thanks man

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