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Best Economy Flight Travel Tips! ✅

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The Best Economy Flight Travel Tips for long haul flights or first time flyers. If you are flying economy, here are the best travel tips to make your experience the best it can be.

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deskeff says:

You don't really need to travel with the same airline, in order to avoid having to re-check your baggage. You just have to travel with airlines that are in an alliance (such as One World, Star Alliance, Sky Team etc.). But they will usually be the option you get if you search on fligths on Momomdo, Kayak or similar. Bear in mind though that EasyJet RyanAir and other cheap airlines are not a part of any alliance.

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Ryanair has an app too. You have to check in online to avoid fees but showing your boarding pass on the app works perfectly (did it 3 days ago). 🙂
But now Ryanair assigns you separate seats under a same reservation (you have to pay extra to choose your seats and be seated together). It's a total mess once the plane is boarding because everybody tries to get back to their loved ones and exchange seats.

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I don't why but Alaska airlines its always reliable when flying to Mexico and from. Its a bit expensive but I think its worth it.

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