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6 Ways to Find the Cheapest Airplane Ticket

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An airplane ticket for $5 seems to be nonsense…but not when you know how to search.
Bright Side brings you many wonderful ways to find the cheapest option for your flight.


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Karideplov says:

I have seen so many people say that tuesday afternoon is the cheapest time to book flights. Tuesday afternoon where? Local time? 4-6pm on tuesday Eastern time, Pacific time?? If I live in europe do I buy at 4pm my time / 10am Eastern. I don't get it. And you say 60 days before travel date and then you say january to march is the best time to purchase. But what if my vacation is in august. Do I buy January to march or do I wait for the 60 days?

Adil Kamro says:

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Dubai Cheap Flights says:

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matt jakob says:

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Next Stamp says:

Check out the deals I just found:

Bang Bang says:

Is this method applied in Australia also? Website provided does not have option to include my city

ورد للمونتاج says:

searches travel and airline sites to help you find
cheap flights at best prices

Travohelp says:

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Liane Layman says:

If you are at work you can't  get tickets between 2-4 because you will get in trouble for being on the computer during work hours.

Amira Safwat says:

You should put links to the websites in the description box.

nego ruae says:

Thanks a lot!!!

Elly Wills says:

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WK T says:

learn the hack to book cheap tickets >>http://bit.ly/2x2SE7W

Josh Zarger says:

Great video!

Bloke Masterson says:

2pm-4pm no matter the time zone?

Rafael Alvarez says:

Eastern or pacific time for the tickets?

The Skyi says:

Thank you .. I'll wait on a small cloud and hitchhike ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Rory Reckless says:

TravelPirates.com, Not holiday pirates.

Grace Morgan says:

I highly recommend Skyscanner! I was able to buy flight tickets from Arizona, US to Cancun, Mexico for only 269 USD while all other vendors sold tickets for 486 and up! AMAZING! Allow yourselves to be flexible when looking for deals, and you will find them!

Sofona Williams says:

I'm 10 what am I doing here? I don't know

Orange Fruit says:

Searching cheap flight to Europe… finds not a single cheap thing well i guess i can never fulfill my dream to backpack Europe (cries) 😭

Bacon says:

does anyone notice that she heavily accents the last word of her *SENTENCE*?

Jyothi Na says:

Omg now I realized! I have taken too many screenshts😣

Valbuenium says:

Is it just me or the quality of the mic is kinda bad?

Ailín Ó'S says:

TravelGenio worked well for me! 🙂 [So far anyway, here's hoping😅]

Danny Vega Garcia-Alderete says:

I wish a movie tickets costed 5 bucks

madmoiselle007 says:

Can't wait to go to Ireland 🇮🇪 ☘️

ItsMe4350 ! says:

Im 11 and why did i watch this?

Sasha the Panda says:

Our ticket cowt 600 dollabills

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