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10 Countries to Visit for Less Than 50 Dollars a Day

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Traveling the world doesn’t have to be stupidly expensive.
Taking public transportation, eating in local spots and doing a little research will go a long way in having a memorable yet affordable trip.
So here’s a list of 10 Countries to Visit for Less Than 50 Dollars a Day!

1. Thailand

The northern part is definitely cheaper than Bangkok and the islands. You’ll be hard pressed to spend more than $50 a day. Basic yet adequate rooms go for about $6-10 a night, and a decent meal at a local restaurant about $5. Local buses are cheap too and domestic beers are under $2!

2. Greece

The fall of the Greek economy has now made it more affordable to visit now. Hotel rooms can be as cheap as $20 a night and a tasty lamb meal complete with drinks might run you $10. Take local transportation to save even more!

3. Peru

Peru is one of South America’s liveliest, friendliest and most scenic countries, and it just so happens to be one of the cheapest to travel in! Stay in a hostel for around $10 a night. Sit-down meals are rarely over $5 and the local intra-city buses are only about $1! If you manage your spending right, you can hit the deserted beaches of Mancora, climb to Machu Picchu, sail the Amazon, see the Nazca lines and visit Colca Canyon without blowing your budget. Ahh!

4. Romania

Romania is the perfect country to experience old-world charm at a discount price. It boasts medieval villages, charming cafes, mysterious castles and a beautiful countryside. The most economical time to travel is the low season, which is essentially September to June. Museums, monasteries and galleries might be $5-10 and expect to pay around $10 for a room and $5 for most meals. Best to go for the daily specials, which can be great value and often include wine!

5. Portugal

Beaches, wine country, historical cities and towering cliffs make this an exciting place to discover. This country is home to spotless campgrounds located right on the beach, or dorm beds can be found for about $20 a night.
Meals can be a bit pricey in the bigger cities like Lisbon, but you can usually find affordable food choices – especially fresh seafood. Take advantage of the free admission days that most cities offer for museums and galleries.

6. Cambodia

Cambodia is one of the cheapest countries on this list. It offers rich history, great cuisine, stunning scenery and surprisingly good nightlife. A private room with A/C will only cost you about $8, and a night in a nicer hotel will only run you $15-20!
Food is cheap and delicious, with most meals costing $2 for local food and $6-8 for a more typical Western meal. Tours to the jungles, the cities and the ruins won’t cost a lot either!

7. Nicaragua

It’s the largest country in Central America but one of the least discovered and, therefore, extremely cheap to travel in – for now. The warm people, colorful towns, exceptional surfing, diverse wildlife and adventurous volcano trekking could keep you entertained for weeks. You can easily get by for less than 50 dollars a day without feeling like a cheapskate. Sleep in a hammock for $5 or splurge for an ensuite for $20. Food costs just a few bucks and friendly locals will take you anywhere for pennies!

8. Indonesia

The plane ticket to get here will be your biggest cost. But once you are here, it is easy to find a room in a guest house for less than $4 a night. Street food will only cost you a couple dollars, and a restaurant meal may run you $5-6. For less than fifty dollars a day, you will find rice terraces, black and white sand beaches, temples, festivals, volcanoes, food markets, jungles and more.

9. India

Thrifty people can do this one on $20 a day. Local Indian vegetarian food is the way to stick to the budget. Even with the occasional spurge on meat, you can bank on spending no more than $10 a day total on food. Basic yet decent rooms can be found for about $5 a night. Take rickshaws and local buses instead of taxis. Just keep your wits about you for scams and rip-offs that budget travelers are often targeted for.

10. Turkey

It is easy to live on much less than 50 dollars a day here, especially once you venture out of Istanbul. Head to Cappadocia (cap-a-doe-sha), Kas (kaash) or Selcuk (sell-chook) for a real budget getaway. Hostels will be your most expensive outlay, costing about $20-$25 a night. Typical food such as kababs and shawarmas will only cost you about $2. Buses are frequent, convenient and cheap, offering the chance to explore all corners of this country.

Think you could travel for less?


Rajesh Patel says:

The average hotel rooms in mumbai(major city of india) cost around 60$ a night 😂lol

Lucky RW says:


George Sarsoza says:

search Philippines for more info. if you want cheap.

sridhar kadali says:

iam Indian as per hotels it costs 7-25 times more extreemly wrong info

Julie Patel says:

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Margaret Caldona says:



leaving from where?

All india Tech says:

India is cheap but no t that cheap I'm from India you can find room here for 5$

Michael Gerso says:

Sure but how much is the airplane ticket.dumb ass . We are in united sir

parthiban patel says:

its fake india is cheaper then all

Ceca Siahaan says:


Lazaar says:

You forgot Morocco but it's expensive for europeans

Muhammad Faisal says:

seriously you say indonesia why the video is india

Linh Nguyen says:

why not vietnam in the list. u can spend 20 dollar a day.

Happy Life says:

very nice your video

Nirajan Karki says:

4:01 that's Nepal not India

NonstopGaming SGL says:


Jani Mica says:

what about Albania?!

Rudra sodari says:

How about Nepal??

Nafsika Gavrilaki says:

Greece is beautiful😍🇬🇷

Kavita Redkar says:

India is not that cheap mentioned below.Thanks.

salih can says:

you re wrong about turkey mate , you can find hostel for that price but it wont look like this 🙂 and kebabs starting about 5 dollars

Yerkanat Berhbay says:

Kazakhstan is cheap too.Its territory is big,so there is a lot of different beautiful places that everyone must visit in their life 🙂 i recommend to visit there

Taz says:

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